Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another Perspective on Christmas

Sitting in sacrament today, I thought of something that inspired this. I call it, "Joseph Delivered." It considers the most celebrated private moment in history, and the figure we don't often focus on:

Joseph was told in a sacred dream
Of the Life entrusted to his care
He stood beside Mary and took care of her
An outstanding man, and his wife so fair

Joseph delivered the Deliverer
Into his calloused young hands came He
Joseph helped raise that little Boy
Who was raised after three days for you and for me

Joseph witnessed the sacred event
The Babe as He entered this mortal realm
Present at the start of the new dispensation
Receiving the ultimate Present to o'erwhelm

Joseph delivered the Deliverer
And protected his new family
Joseph, the greatest step-father of all
Held such a sacred responsibility

This is for all the step-fathers out there, and folks in non-traditional families, people in poor and humbling circumstances; and those who may think that their role in life is small, insignificant, unglamorous, or little noticed - just remember: Joseph delivered the Deliverer.


My Family

My Family
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